Moving Out Is a Nightmare

I rented from this company for approximately 1.5 years and my experience was fine. The grounds were maintained decently and my maintenance requests were typically handled promptly.

However once I moved out it took me weeks and several follow up emails and phone calls to settle a dispute regarding my deposit which only took a single email to resolve. Once I finally made contact with the manager I was told it “didn’t matter” that the apartment was left cleaner than when I moved in and instead of asking if I was satisfied or needed more clarification I was told that they would no longer discuss the matter with me.

I am disappointed with the unresponsiveness of the property manager and don’t see myself recommending Home River Group.

  • Fright-Knightt

Another poor experience for an unsuspecting renter. And of course, the folks at Home River Group Salt Lake City didn’t respond to this renter’s honest review.

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