Home River Group Conspires with Law Firm for Scam

They are in the business of stealing from people.

I co-signed for a dilapidated old home that was shown in pictures to look nice but had holes in the floor and walls and plumbing issues and security issues with no window locks.  They said they were just not finished yet.  They never fixed anything and I had a hole invasion.  Instead of fixing my window they started eviction proceedings and made up false noise complaints and claimed the damage was mine even though I had been promised over and over.  They ended up suing me for $7000 when I was never late, I simply didn’t get a contract from them for the promise to fix and noise complaint violations were never in the contract to be charged to a tenant yet they charged $300-$350 fir each one and never had or showed any proof.  I had to hire another lawyer to prove all their claims were false yet they have Cullimore law office in their scam with them and threatened to drag this out to cost me tens of thousands, so I settled for $3500 admitting no wrong yet why did they settle? I ended up paying my lawyer $3500 also to defend me because of the complicated lease agreement that is set up always in their favor.  It was the worst experience of my life.  NEVER rent from Home River Group!

  • Sean C.

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  1. April Henderson

    My daughter Rented 5bed house Sept 1 2021, move from California to Utah with 3 young boys one with special needs. She transferred mail, federal docs, state docs, school for young boys one with special needs, changed utilities, medical doctors All this and when her husband moved first load from California meets property manager there All this for them to tell him, Buy The Way the owners are moving back in December so you will have to move out. I ( mother/mother in law) went in BBB and read reviews HomeRiver Group is any persons worst nightmare!!!! Please don’t fall victim to this Horrible Company. I am not stopping here to WARN anybody from this Company

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